Online events

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Action packed online events, parties and shows for all!


Join us in the virtual world for lots of interactive engaging fun for all ages! It's time to keep the kids active and engaged during these difficult times. All we ask for in return is a donation to our Paypal if watching a free event. 



We are trying our best as a company badly effected by COVID-19 to keep you connected with us and the work we do to keep everyone active, smiling and laughing!
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we are all suddenly out of work and of course our wonderful clients and kids have been effected too. Let's create something magical and stay connected.

Click on the links below to join the events. All times are BST - UK Times

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Interactive Story

Every Thurs afternoon at 4pm

Join Dantastic for an interactive story adventure packed full of surprises, activities to join in with at home and magic. Suitable for ages 3-8

Toddler Party

Every Friday morning at 10am

Join the Dantastic team for a high energy musical toddler party with singing, dancing, puppets, comedy and magic!

Disco Party

Mon 25th May 3pm. Ages 3-10

Join Dantastic on the dance floor for a high energy dance party with all your favourite songs. Expect lots of games, action songs, dancing and comedy!